Monday, 10 February 2014

News Flash! Blooded Injured Again!

I'm full aware that training as much as I am for as long as I have scheduled is bound to result in the odd injury here or there. I've already had some twinges this year which has prevent me from following my training plan. However it is with reluctance that I have decided to take a complete week out from running.

My right foot (all of the right foot) is very painful after yesterday's 35 km long run. I didn't feel any pain during the run, but as soon as I took my trainers off I've hardly been able to walk.

I'm hoping it's just an inflamed series of tendons which, after a week of rest and anti-inflammatory tablets, will settle down. I've just looked at my race schedule and my first race (the Silverstone Half) is in 3 weeks. I want to run that race. So taking a week off now is probably the best course of action. It's frustrating because I was building my mileage up and putting in some good training runs, but I have to think about the bigger picture.

My next blog therefore will be in a couple of weeks' time... Injuries are a bugger!   

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