Wednesday, 15 January 2014

News Flash! A New Challenge

Over the past week I've decided to set myself an even greater challenge than what I've already got planned! 

In August I will be organising and taking part in a 56 mile (90km) ultra run from Bath to Newbury along the Avon and Kennet Canal, culminating in the annual Newbury Runners summer BBQ!

This is not an official race and the Newbury Runners are not an official running club. That said I've had some interest, with people deciding to run the route a number of ways:

  1. The whole distance as an ultra run
  2. A set distance (e.g., last 10 miles)
  3. The whole distance as part of a relay team

There is also the option to run an additional 10km at the end to round it up to the 100km milestone. 

The run will take place on the 9 August 2014 - it will be mid-summer and temperatures are likely to be high. It will also be an unsupported run, which is important for those wanting to run the whole distance. Runners will need to be self-sufficient (which means carrying all their own food, water, gels, change of t-shirts, socks, etc. themselves).

At the end will be the annual Newbury Runners Summer BBQ and party, where everyone is welcome, not just the runners. 

Happy training!

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