Friday, 20 June 2014

New Injury Scare

With only a week to go before Endure 24 and I'm suspecting a minor stress fracture to my left tibia. This is purely a self-diagnosis, but the feeling is very similar to when I had a stress fracture in my right tibia a number of years back.

This is not good news. If there is one injury that will stop any runner in their tracks it's a stress fracture. It's painful and even a minor stress fracture will result in me being "out" for 6 - 10 weeks.

However Endure24 is my last planned race of the year (certainly long distance race), and I have come too far, trained too hard and spent too much to pull out of this race before even getting to the start line. I've therefore decided to proceed with the race and see what happens. As it's only a 5 mile loop through a forest, and my pace will be heavily reduced, I'm going to take the risk and see how I get on. I can always pull out at any point.

Once the race is over I will go and see my doctor again. He'll love me - the last 6 times I've seen him have been about running injuries or some sort. When I walk through his office door he simply smiles and says "what have you done now..."

So I enter this 24 hour race with my upper body in fine shape and my lower limbs in somewhat of a mess (right foot, left foot and now left tibia). More than anything mental strength to continue on through the pain will be the greatest challenge. Will just see how far I get. I can do no more than that...

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