Wednesday, 1 October 2014

To run or not to run....a 70 miler with a dodgy hamstring!

Excuse my language, but I am getting pretty wanked off with getting injured! FACT!

I have a 70 mile run lined up on Saturday 4 October, and my training has been going quite well. However last Saturday I did some 500m intervals and twinged (strained) my left hamstring! It's not painful, but I can definitely feel it.

Unfortunately I don't have time to recover and then run it. My long distance running is scheduled to stop at the end of October due to the arrival of Nicholls Jnr. No.2. I have the Stort30 (30 mile race) lined up in the final week of October and I'm busy the weekend of 11-12 Oct. Leaving the run until the 18-19 Oct is a little too close to Stort30, so realistically I only have the 4 Oct to make this 70 mile unsupported run.

Decisions, decisions....

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